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Shooting Title Sequences for BBC's Home Ground

BBC Northern Ireland's rural affairs magazine series has been commissioned for a second series. Below the Radar, the production company any that produces the show were looking for a high end feel for the intro/title sequences. They assigned Honcho Media to the task which we captured using a mix of our 4k cameras on the ground and drones in the air.

Even though many broadcasts are TX'd in maximum resolution of 1080, you can still visually see the benefit of 4k capture, not only in detail but also in colour reproduction. 4k also has the advantage of giving more options in post production, with the option to crop into a shot without loosing any quality when downscaling to 1080.

If you're a producer of a TV show, get in touch with us to see how we can take your production to the next level and add that extra layer of polish to the production value. We have a wide range of camera set-up's that enables us to capture action in new innovative ways that were simple not possible only a few years ago.

To find out more about Home Ground visit the BBC web site here:

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