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Aerial drone filming

Professional Drone Service for Broadcast & Film.

BNUC-s Qualified | CAA/IAA Permission | Insured

Honcho Media is one of only a handful of companies in Northern Ireland that has acquired permission from the Civil Aviation Authority and Irish Aviation Authority to carry out drone filming work. 


We've shot everything from BBC documentaries, sports events, TV commercials, corporate videos and even safety inspections for construction companies.


Our qualifications keep us legal, but it's experience that gives the results expected by media professionals with over 15 years in the broadcast industry and 20 in competitive radio controlled devices. We also have expert knowledge in every step of the production process, from image capture to post production and grading. It's this expertise and experience that makes us stand out from the rest.


Permission from the CAA and IAA means that we have carried out extensive drone training and have developed detailed operating procedures, working with the local police, air traffic control and landowners to ensure your drone flight goes to plan.


Frequently asked questions

How long can a drone fly for?

We use the latest lithium polymer battery technology for power. Our drone flight time is limited to approximately 25 minutes per battery. We can fly for longer, but prefer to limit our flight time for safety reasons.

How many drone flights can you do in a day?

Our van is equipped with remote drone charging so usually we have enough power to get us through a whole day.

What about weather conditions?

We do not fly in rain and it’s a legal requirement to always keep line of sight, so thick fog can effect our ability to fly a drone. Our drone uses high power motors, so wind is not usually a limiting factor in our ability to operate.

What quality is the footage?

Our highest quality recoding format is either Cinema DNG or ProRes RAW. We can also shoot natively in Prores 422HQ and 4444xq. For other lower budget projects we can capture in data friendly h.264 or h.265 HVEC

Is there much preparation involved in a drone flight?

To comply with the law and safety regulations we have to carry out a detailed pre-flight survey. This includes equipment inspection, site recce’s and contact with the relevant authorities including air traffic control, police and land owners depending on what airspace we will be operating within. At the very least we like to have 24 hours notice before a drone flight but some permissions can take a few weeks.

Where can I fly a drone?

Rural areas are easier to prepare for than cities. For congested areas it is advisable to allow for more time so we can carry out the required checks. By law, we are excluded from flying in certain locations or conditions, so please get in touch for advice you on where you can fly. These rules apply to all UAS operators.

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