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Music Video for Northern Irish Band 'The Answer'

Music video shot for Northern Irish band 'The Answer'.

Filmed at Lesley Estate, Ballymoney.

Produced by Streetmonkey (

Concept & Story - Dermot Faloon

Director - Dermot Faloon

Camera - Andy Yoong / Zoe Tweedy

Art Dept - Sean Johnstone

Art Dept Assistant - Connor Kane

Art Dept Assistant - Sinead Kane

Art Dept Assistant - Megan Thompson

Art Dept Assistant - Zoe Tweedy

Art Dept Assistant - Sara Jane Gale

Art Dept Assistant - Dermot Faloon

Editor- Andy Keel / Dermot Faloon

Grade- Dermot Faloon

Production Coordinator - Suzanne Morrow

Girl : Haley McQuillan

Morrigan (main) : Amanda Doherty

Morrigan 1: Megan Thompson

Morrigan 2: Hannah Grainger

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