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Client: MountainbikeNI
MountainbikeNI 2016

Type: Campaign video in conjunction with & P&O Ferries

Distribution: Online

Viewership: Over 50,000

Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland used Honcho Media to produce and deliver the video content for their 2016 Spring Mountinbike30 campaign in conjunction with P&O Ferries and Tourism Ireland. 


Mountain biking has gown massively in popularity in Northern Ireland since the multi-million pound investment in a dedicated trail network consisting of 3 national trail centres as well as other smaller locations.


A big incentive for the international MTB community to travel is the close proximity of all the trails to each other, so P&O's 30 hour return offer was ideal for anyone wanting a taster for what Northern Ireland has to offer in terms of mountain biking. 


We produced a main video as well as a number of smaller teaser snippets, all of which were deployed online to a range of custom targeted audiences. These included pages takeovers on major international mountain bike web sites, as well as traditional targeted advertising on common streaming video providers like Youtube and Facebook. 


In terms of video content, we tried to produced an edit that not only showed off amazing riding, but also gave a sense of the experience and environment one could expect on a visit. 


As usual we used a range of the latest equipment to capture the images including a 3-axis gimbal, our UAV/drone and also super slow-motion camera. 







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