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Rosco Raw

Type: In-house project

Distribution: Online

Viewership: >30k

We're big into mountain bikes here at Honcho Media so when we had some free time we went out and shot this short video with multiple time Irish National Downhill Campion, Colin Ross.

Colin is training for the 2017 Masters Downhill World Championships and hopes to bring home a medal for Ireland. As part of his training he does timed practice, making incremental changes each time to improve his speed by fractions of a second each run.

We didn't have much free time so decided to produce this simple clip as a chance to get out and shoot something we love, test new equipment and also experiment with new collaborations in sound design with Jo Osbourne.

It's on these type of projects where we really get to learn and improve on our production skills. We've got nothing to loose so we're free to try new things without the fear of failure. This in turn helps us bring better results to our clients. 

We deployed this video on a number of platforms, focusing on Facebook video the most. Within a day we had 10k views. We then boosted the post with paid advertising to experiment with the effects. After less than a week we had achieved over 30k views with over 80% of those being organic (non paid views)

Lesson learned? It literally pays to create content that is targeted directly towards your demographic. Save on advertising costs and create something people want to watch. 

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